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Well hey there you!

Welcome welcome welcome!

If you've made your way here looking for some cute outfits you're about to get a little more than you bargained for.

Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. Im Toni - the T in MTP Designs. I've been pole dancing for eight years, and teaching for six, and in that time I've seen how powerful the decision to start pole dance can be, especially for women.

Often we come to pole searching for something. Maybe a new friend circle, an outlet for some pent up energy, or an hour of "me" time away from the responsibilities of the world. But every day in classes and online, I see women find something so much more powerful in their classes. They find themselves.

A stronger, more passionate version of themselves than many have seen in years. I think it's a byproduct of the supportive nature of the industry and the encouragement to see our bodies for what they can DO, rather than as a reflection in a mirror, a number on a scale or the size on our clothing tags.

So as I moved through my own pole training, and helped other women move through theirs, I began to see a need for pole wear that was made for all bodies, not only the elite or those who fit a certain set of measurements. Pole wear that felt comfortable, like it flattered and fit to our bodies, never the other way around. All around me women spoke of losing x amount of weight, or getting back into that dream outfit that has been a size or two too small but that they've never parted with and it killed me to think these incredible women saw themselves in that way. They saw only a number, the number they were, the number they wanted to be, and the gap in between.

So I started making my own pole wear, looking for something that made me comfortable both in classes and on stage in my performances. Over more than 5 years I've drafted my patterns, altered and tested designs and finally I am able to open my website to you all in the hopes that my designs, customised specifically to you, can help you see yourself as I, and so many others see you. As a strong, courageous, smokin' hot woman taking back control of her life, her body, and how she values herself.

You'll hear more from me over the coming months, along with some incredible contributors and my awesome MTP Ambassadors. Sometimes our blog posts will be fun stories, sometimes informative advice, and who knows where else we might go.

In the mean time, take a stroll through the fabric gallery, check out our Essentials Collection, and keep your eyes peeled for limited collections dropping throughout the year.

If you've made it this far I'm truly honoured to have had your eyes for this long, and look forward to chatting again soon!

Miss Toni xx

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