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To Pole or Not To Pole?

That is the question right?

You’ve found yourself looking up your basic requirements for pole dancing, and honestly they're fewer than you might think. If you had suggested to me 5 years ago that I would be pole dancing for a sport I would have just laughed, sprouted the stereotypes to you and been on my merry way without a second thought. Fast forward five years, which basically looked like: dropping out of uni twice, a shitty ex and being financially, physical and at some points mentally unstable. Pole dancing became my haven, it all

owed me to begin to rebuild my strength physically and mentally. Pole dancing is so much more than its stereotypes.

It is a community.

It is a passion.

It is falling in love with yourself.

And most importantly it is building self-confidence.

It took two things or more so the actions of two particular people in this case to get me started on my pole journey.

My Mum.

And my very first pole teacher.

My Mum was the one who despite my many objections, thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy her daughter Pole dancing lessons for Christmas and of course she was right as per usual (lets not tell her that okay?)

My very first lesson..

Here I was in a pole studio with absolutely no clue what I was doing, dressed up like a nun and ready to run back out the

door because I was so nervous. I sat down on the bench waiting for the class before mine to finish up and the ladies were all so warm, and so welcoming. The studio was white, pink and so very bright and the very opposite of what I had in my mind.

My teacher arrives! But I am the only one here…

The class goes on an

d my teacher is welcoming, encouraging and best of all she cheers me on with every single move I get.

My very first pole teacher was of course Miss Toni.

Miss Toni gave me so much enthusiasm and encouragement in that very first lesson and that was all it took I was hooked on pole. All it took for me to start was the support and encouragement from my Mum and Miss Toni.

Four years on from my pole beginning I still love pole and I l

ove how far I have come as person. I have so much love, respect and confidence for myself and my body. There has only been one person in my support circle to ever say anything nasty about myself as a pole dancer and that was my ex. He didn’t like that my self-confidence was growing, and he couldn’t break it as easily anymore. Someone somewhere will always have something to say about pole dancing, but your most loved ones will understand if it makes you happy.

So back to my original question to pole or not too pole?

Get that custom MTP set you’ve been eyeing off and just try it! Cause if I can be made to feel like a downright Queen so can you!


- Jessie (MTP Contributor)

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