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Perspective is everything

Ever had a really epic pole move in mind ahead of a photo shoot. You work on it for weeks, pointing those toes like they’ve never pointed before. You’ve planned the perfect outfit and got the shiny new shoes, only to receive the images back and think blah, why doesn’t that look as good as it feels?

Some pole moves simply cannot be appreciated in a still shot. It’s sad but it’s true. There are nuances and angles that simply cannot be captured in a single still image.

However, oftentimes the issue is not so much the single frame, but the perspective of the shot. The smallest adjustment in perspective and suddenly the move transforms from blah to bloody fabulous; from a flop to flexy.

The same could be said for all training, and all life really. The perspective from which we view any given situation will severely colour our take on it.

Lifted the same weight in the gym for the last few sessions? We could see this as a set back, a plateau, a challenge to be overcome. Or we could take a look at our form, our time under tension, how we are able to control our breath throughout the movement, and suddenly there are wins everywhere to celebrate that previously we might have overlooked.

Still ticking off the To-Do list but feeling like your productivity has stalled a little in work or your business? Not making the leaps and bounds you might like? While this could be a point of frustration and negative self-talk, it could also be a chance to reflect on the new balance you have found between work and life. Perhaps you’ve been able to shift your focus to your wellbeing and some self care rather than grinding day in and day out.

Are you able to approach the situation before you with a new perspective? Could that help you speak more kindly to yourself, and ultimately celebrate your successes more frequently?

Next training session, rather than jumping to all the things that didn’t work, go looking for those that did. “I showed up” is just as valid an element of training as any, and well worth celebrating each and every time!

So I’d love to invite you to try and shift that perspective wherever possible, for without the darkness, how would we ever truly appreciate the stars? (Deep, I know!)

Big love.

Miss Toni xx

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