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Meet Mel - Our first MTP Contributor

My name is Mel & I came to know Toni, the very creative, one woman show that is behind MTP Designs through pole classes.

I thought before I share my truth bombs and bites of wisdom with you here, you better get to know me a little.

Why did I start pole dancing? I wish I could tell you that I was lying in a field of wildflowers, surrounded by baby wallabies with the sun shining on my face & a rainbow off in the distance but the truth is much more complex.

I grew up as the eldest of three children to a single mother, and as every eldest child would know – we are fighters. But feeling like I was constantly needing to fight my way through life had me fully sitting in my masculine energy. I started pole dancing as a way to connect to my feminine energy, because strippers are some of the sexiest people, right? I thought I would learn to slink myself around a pole ever so sexily. The truth again was so different to what I expected.

While working through building up my body strength something amazing also happened.

I started to be ok with sharing my past traumas that I held onto in the deepest depths of my soul. This was therapy money or time could not buy. I had huge ‘aha’ moments & the more I opened, the more it let others know that they could open up without prejudice or judgement.

Hearing of other’s experiences gave me a new perspective on my own battles, I soon came to realise that my traumas aren’t unique to me, a lot of women face the same & we often battle with it in shame because we think it only happens to us.

I’ve learnt that once you say your traumas out aloud, they seem to leave that locked up box, freeing you. A trauma shared, is a trauma halved. I’ve learnt that when one needs a different perspective, just hang upside down.

Life isn’t meant to so serious all the time.

Now I do slink around the pole in my feminine stripper alter-ego but I also have the strength in my body & mind to take on the world & you know what?

I might just do that.

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