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Education over Inspiration

Ever wondered why some pieces of information just stick, but others seem amazing at the time and then fly out of your head faster than lightning? Why sometimes you're motivated in your training and other times the excitement is fleeting?

There could be any number of reasons for this. But in my years coaching some amazing people through movement, whether pole, gym or dance, I’ve always found one common link.

Education is always more powerful than inspiration.

Now I know, too much information can at times feel overwhelming. Sometimes you go along to class for the sole purpose of not having to think too hard. But when it comes to progression and development we really can’t go past a good old fashioned “but why?”.

There’s a reason toddlers ask why on repeat (granted, about 50% of them are purely there to test their parents patience, I’ll admit that). But in learning all about the big new world they are in, they need to know why things are the way they are. Why do we do things this way rather than that way?

Training our bodies to do something new is no different. There’s immense value in understanding why your coaches suggest a different way. Why do they teach you one way but someone you saw on socials might have suggested a different way?

Approaching your training with curiosity and a willingness to drink in what your coach offers you in the way of a “why” will change the game.

It’s also a great way to gauge if you're really placing value and confidence in the right places.

That instagrammer might have a valid point, but how did they get there? Can they help you to truly understand the background and context? Maybe checking the advice across some other sources could help build a broader knowledge base and ultimately progress your training further.

Maybe you’re looking to grow in an area your coach doesn’t necessarily specialise in (we can’t all be great at everything, and that’s ok). Maybe it’s time to explore a variety of coaches to support your training in a more well rounded way.

The takeaway here is that if someone asks you why you’re moving the way you are, and you can’t answer the question, it might be time to change up how you’re training and where you're seeking guidance. In the long run, the desire to understand more deeply will continue progressing your training more than any exciting insta trick will.

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