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Exercise, and especially pole dance, emphasises the incredible things our bodies can do. Your pole and workout wear should help you enjoy the experience and through custom designs and fun fabric options MTP Designs endeavours to do do just that.

Born of necessity, MTP Designs started with a single pair of pole shorts for boss babe Toni herself as she was struggling to find comfortable training gear that felt like it fit in all the right places, with the perfect amount of coverage to help her feel her most fabulous self.  Sporting them in classes Toni quickly realised she was not the only one having fit issues and growing frustrated with inconsistent sizing, poor fabric quality and a range of other issues.

Four years later we made things official, and here we are! 

Creating only custom, made to order pieces our focus is comfort, quality, and expression of your personal style. Our new consult system means your experience and garment is personalised exactly to you and your needs, whether training in the gym, pole studio, or a costume piece for the stage with all the trimmings (and sparkles).   

Tracy Silly.JPG

At the heart of it all...

Our designs uplift, inspire and empower you in your pursuit of movement, no matter what form that takes today. 

But wait, there's more...

Alongside our mission to help each of you boost your confidence through our flattering designs and adorable merchandise, we are striving to build and grow a community space to share advice and chat about things that really matter. 

Whether you're hearing from Toni or one of our guest contributors, our Chit Chat page promises a thought provoking read every time. 

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